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So what do you EAT?
The fourth survey of the Vegan Research Panel took place during October 2001. 1900 panel members were sent an email inviting them to complete an online survey comprising 10 questions. 60% of the panel (1) completed the survey within an 18 day period.

1. The figures below are based on the total panel responses (1146) unless otherwise stated.


How long have you been veg*an?
  Less than a year 11%
  1 to 2 years 12%
  2 to 5 years 24%
  5 to 10 years 21%
  10 to 20 years 22%
  More than 20 years 6%
  I am not veg*an 4%


  Overall, how supportive are non-veg*an family and friends of your lifestyle?
    Very supportive 24%
    Quite supportive 35%
    Tolerant 35%
    Quite unsupportive 4%
    Very unsupportive 2%

Do you ever worry about your nutrition levels?
  Never 24%
  Hardly ever 34%
  Sometimes 33%
  Often 7%
  Always 2%

  Do non-veg*an family and friends worry about your nutrition levels?
    Never 15%
    Hardly ever 19%
    Sometimes 40%
    Often 18%
    Always 8%

What will you be eating for your Christmas dinner?
  1. Nut roast or loaf (27%), including chestnut loaf, white nut roast and porcini nut loaf.
  2. Meat substitute (24%), including Cheatin' Turkey Roast (UK) and Tofurky (USA).
  3. Pie or parcel (16%), including mushroom and chestnut pie and creations in filo pastry.
  4. Tofu (6%), including tofu sushi, jambalaya, curry, and stir fry.
  5. Roast veggies (5%), as the main dish.
  This was an open-ended question. Other foods consistently mentioned included vegan sausages and haggis, pasta dishes and veganised accompaniments such as gravy and stuffing. Puddings were mentioned by 29%, including Christmas pudding with soya cream. These figures are based on the responses of the 512 vegan panel members who knew what they would be eating on Christmas Day.

Do you intend to buy any Christmas presents online this year?
  Yes 53%
  No 47%

  Did you buy any Christmas presents online last year?
    Yes 40%
    No 60%


What vegan product or service would you most like to see available online next year?
  1. More information (24%), including travel and product guides.
  2. Footwear (21%), including more styles, lower cost and wider availability.
  3. Shops (14%), larger range of vegan products, and home delivery.
  4. Clothing (11%), more attractive and less expensive vegan options.
  5. Food (8%), just generally more vegan products available online.
  6. Confectionery (7%), including chocolates and marshmallows.
  7. Toiletries (5%), including make-up.
  8. Vegan cheese (3%).
  9. Convenience foods (2%), including nuggets and porkless pies.
  10. Household products (2%), particularly for cleaning.
  This was an open-ended question. These figures are based on the responses of the 588 vegan panel members who answered this question.


How often have you used the internet in the last 6 months?
  Several times a day 53%
  Once a day 19%
  Several times a week 22%
  Once a week 4%
  Several times a month 2%
  Once a month or less 0%


  Have you purchased products online during the last 6 months?
    Yes 75%
    No 25%



This Christmas vegans will be mostly eating...
"...mushroom and chestnut pie, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, sprouts, mushy peas and carrots with wine gravy followed by vegan xmas pud and soya cream"

"...Tofurky, cranberry sauce, yummy pies, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables... did I mention yummy pies..."

"...probably some over-cooked veggies @ parents"

"...stuffed mushrooms with wild rice, roast potatoes with thyme, brussel sprouts, peas with mint, gravy, christmas pudding and soya cream, mince pies, vegan wine"

"...whatever I fancy at the time! I won't be dictated to!"

"...something wrapped in pastry as a centre piece. The main problem being that non-veg*ans seem to like what I prepare more than their usual!"


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