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The vegans are out there

The first survey of the Vegan Research Panel took place in June 2000. 959 panel members were sent an email inviting them to complete the first online survey comprising 8 questions. 67% of the panel completed the survey within an 18 day period.

Vegans lead the way
The survey found that two thirds of vegan internet users log on at least once a day (9 out of 10 log on several times a week). Vegans are more likely to buy products over the internet than the general population. 92% of UK vegans online have used the internet to locate vegan products (1) and 73% have bought online - around twice the national average (2). Of the vegans online worldwide, 95% go out of their way to buy from ethical companies.

1. 57% of UK internet users look for information about products and services (BMRB Q3 99). 49% of UK internet users have used the web to window shop (CommerceNet/Nielsen Media, Sept 1999).
2. 27% of UK internet users have bought something online (CommerceNet/Nielsen Media, Sept 1999). 41% of UK residential users have bought online (Durlacher Research Limited Q4 1999).

A virtual community
If you are vegan you are more likely to know other vegans - only 13% of vegans did not know another vegan, compared with 30% of non-vegans - and 60% of vegans know 3 or more vegans. Over half the panel felt that the internet had helped them to feel less isolated in their lifestyle.

Vegans want more
The majority of the panel would like to see more, better and cheaper vegan products and services - including a wider choice of shoes and clothing, more information, listings and labelling, and more vegan shopping options.

The figures below are based on the total panel responses (644) unless otherwise stated.

Less than 6 months 5%
6 months to 1 year 11%
1 to 2 years 21%
2 to 3 years 19%
More than 3 years 44%
Several times a day 46%
Once a day 22%
Several times a week 25%
Once a week 5%
Several times a month 2%
Once a month 0%
Less than once a month 0%
Yes 54%
No 46%
None 20%
1 or 2 31%
3 or 4 17%
5 or 6 10%
7 or 8 4%
9 or 10 1%
More than 10 17%
Yes 90%
No 10%
Yes 89%
No 11%
Yes 65%
No 35%
1. More information (23%), including travel guides and an online version of the Animal Free Shopper.
2. Shoes (16%), including more styles, lower cost and wider availability.
3. Shops (10%), an all-vegan shop either online or offline, with home delivery.
4. Clothing (8%), more vegan options including business suits.
5. Cheese (6%), including melting cheese and cheese slices.
6. Sweets and chocolates (5%), including a vegan Mars Bar.
7. Convenience foods (4%), including pizzas, pies and microwave meals.
8. Labelling (4%), improved labelling of products.
9. Sports & leisure equipment (3%), from motorcycle gear to football boots.
10. Restaurants (3%), including cafes, fast-food, take-aways and deliveries.
This was an open-ended question. Other areas consistently mentioned included vegan cakes, baby care, film, make-up, toiletries and household cleaning products. These figures are based on the responses of the 523 panel members who answered this question.

" see either a website or even a shop which stocked only vegan products, and all vegan products that are available. It is frustrating when one shop has one product but not another."

"...a true alternative to cheese - tastes like cheese, melts like cheese."

"...frozen cheese-free pizzas with lots of toppings... available in the supermarket."

"...a label indicating that a product is vegan... it would sure save a lot of time reading the ingredients!