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The Vegan Research Panel


The Vegan Research Panel was set up by Imaner Consultants in May 2000 to find out about 21st century vegans. Follow the links below for the findings and statistics from each survey.

There are an estimated 180,00 vegans in the UK - for more details see vegan statistics.


The panel consisted of 2048 panel members who agreed to answer a regular online survey about their lifestyle. 83% of the panel were vegan or nearly vegan. Panel members were originally recruited via a pop-up questionnaire on the Vegan Village. The panel was "topped-up" as required using this method.

Of the panel members there was a mix of vegans and non-vegans as follows:

Meateaters 2%
Nearly vegetarian 4%
Vegetarian 11%
Nearly vegan 23%
Vegan 59%
Raw foodist 1%

Although predominately UK-based, the panel had members from all around the world. The breakdown was as follows:

Rest of Europe 10%
USA 25%
Rest of World 7%

The panel is no longer running, however we still collate the available vegan statistics each year to estimate the number of vegans in the UK and abroad.